About Us

Who we are



We are InterGateway Freight, logistics company with 20+ years experience, providing great shipping experience to our clients.


Our Vision

We aim to be the most reliable Freight Forwarding, Removals & Relocation, and Project Logistics Management Company in the market with an inspired, people-driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers.

At INTERGATEWAY FREIGHTS, we understand how important – and how necessary reliable, accountable fulfillment and distribution services are to your business.

We will always hold true to our commitment to providing an excellent service and in the same time offering good value to our customers.

Give us the opportunity to help you to focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest

Our Mission

  • To continuously strive for superior experience for our customer with our highly customizable logistics solutions, designed for specific needs of our customers
  • To maintain the highest professional standards and deliver world class services to our clients locally, regionally and internationally
  • To develop long-term, trustable relationship with like-minded companies who rely on price sensitive logistics solutions
  • To provide quality, excellent services regardless of how big or small the shipments or projects are
  • To focus on enhancing or developing new strategies using our cost-effective professional approach

Our Team

Our leadership team is responsible for guiding and prioritizing all the initiatives that set the overall strategy and direction for the company. We have a team of skilled leaders and dynamic team members with an accumulation of over 20 years of experience in a myriad of industries and all aspects of logistics and supply chain. Their expertise and knowledge enable us to execute on our business plan and continue to increase value for our shareholders.

It is through our team’s exceptional services and renowned expertise that set us apart from our competitors. With our high-quality company culture, our customers can have total confidence in our services and offerings.

We understand that logistics and supply chain management require a mixture of skill sets and mindsets. Thus, we ensure only select go-getter individual who is passionate in particular vertical or individual who possesses excellent leadership skills are chosen to join our team.